Decho Taralezhkov


was born in 1983 in Sofia, Bulgaria, to the family of music composer Decho Taralezhkov (senior). After a misguided attempt at studying sociology in Munich, Germany, he returned to Sofia and in 2012 graduated in dramaturgy with prof. Stanislav “Stanley” Semerdjiev and Nelly Dimitrova at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Since then he has worked on a number of shelved projects for shorts, features and TV series, until in 2015 Kristina and Petar approached him to co-write “Glory”. In 2016, he wrote the short “Off” for French-Czech director Artemio Benki. Currently, Decho is working together with Kristina and Petar on a number new projects, including “Team Building”, a project he developed at the now discontinued international MEDIA workshop 4 Corners. He’s also working on his first video game script.